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Nahant Education Foundation Blog

Learn more about the inaugural year of our marine science program with Northeastern University Marine Science Center in Nahant. 

Fall Marine Science: Grade 6

Mary Jo Mitchell

Johnson School 6th graders recently visited East Point for a lesson in geology. Students learned about the different rock types, including sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Their focus was on determining how the rock was formed, and how one can determine their relative age by looking at layers and at the formation of dikes in the rock.

Many thanks to the Nahant Council on Aging for providing the transportation!

Fall Marine Science: Grade 5

Mary Jo Mitchell

Johnson School fifth graders traveled "off-island" yesterday to the Lynn Water Treatment Plant. Students investigated how Nahant's waste water is transformed from "Yuck" to "Yup" in a matter of hours. Part of the visit included a tour of the facility's wind turbine. Students were even invited to autograph its interior walls! Special thanks to Mrs. Tibbo for sharing the photo—and for guiding the class—along with Mrs. Tarmy and the Northeastern University Marine Science Center outreach instructors! This marine science program is made possible by a grant from our foundation.

Photo courtesy of Meredith Salt Tibbo

Photo courtesy of Meredith Salt Tibbo

From Nahant to Antarctica

Mary Jo Mitchell

The Nahant Education Foundation sponsored a Skype call with the Johnson School third and fourth graders and Katie Shusdock, a Northeastern University co-op student working at Palmer Station, Antarctica. Enjoy a wonderful article by Bridget Turcotte in today's Lynn Item.

Dr. William Detrich, professor of biology, chemistry and marine biology at Northeastern, and Val Perini, outreach instructor at the Marine Science Center, led the conversation with Katie. Perini said the relationship between the Marine Science Center and the Johnson School has strengthened over recent years in large part because of the programming the [Nahant Education] foundation funds.