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290 Castle Rd
Nahant, MA, 01908
United States

About us


The Nahant Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that raises private funds to foster the pursuit of learning excellence in the Johnson Elementary School. Through special grants, the Foundation funds the development of creative curricula, programs, and initiatives designed to enrich the learning experience of our students and teachers that are beyond the reach of our school’s budget. 

The Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of students of the Johnson Elementary School by giving financial support for programs that will enrich the curriculum and provide enhancements which are beyond the normal scope of public funding. Our grant programs will support student centered projects, professional development for teachers and the increased integration of technology throughout the school system.


What is an education foundation?

An education foundation is a community-based, privately funded, not-for-profit organization that funds public education initiatives through grants. Education foundations provide schools with an additional source of funding beyond what is provided by state and local government resources to pilot new ideas. Many communities in New England and across the United States have active education foundations.

What is the Nahant Education Foundation tax status?

The Nahant Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity. Your contribution will be tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Why Nahant?

Like other municipalities in recent years, Nahant has been operating in a constrained fiscal environment. At the same time public school budgets continue to be squeezed, the demands on public education continue to grow as they seek to equip students with 21st century skills.

Nahant is a community that supports and celebrates our public schools. We believe in the value of expanding educational opportunities and embracing innovation and change.  An education foundation represents an important opportunity to provide funding for innovative and effective programs that support our schools, enhance student achievement, and foster lifelong learning.

How does an education foundation raise money?

Education foundations raise money through individual donations, partnerships with businesses, and community fundraising. 

How does an education foundation award money?

Johnson Elementary School teachers and administrators – either individually or in teams – apply for the funds through a grant-making process with clear objectives and criteria.

What types of initiatives does the Foundation fund?

The Foundation funds initiatives that are not covered by the school budget. These may include professional development, guest speakers for students or faculty, project-based, student-centered learning initiatives, technology, and pilot programs that, if successful, are later implemented district-wide by the school district. Typically, education foundations do not fund “the basics” (e.g., teacher salaries or everyday classroom supplies).

How is the Foundation different from a PTO?

The Foundation supplements the good work of the Johnson School PTO. We fund initiatives not typically funded by traditional PTOs, including professional development, project-based learning, and pilot programs. 

How can I get involved in the Nahant Education Foundation?

The Foundation accepts and appreciates monetary donations from individuals and businesses. In addition, we rely on volunteers and board members to help us conduct fundraising events, community forums, and publicity and outreach. To find out more about how to donate, volunteer, or become a member, visit our Support Us page.

Who can apply for grants?

The Nahant Education Foundation challenges Johnson Elementary School staff to develop progressive, innovative ideas that will enhance the programming of the Nahant Public Schools. Ideally, grants will be awarded to programs that can be replicated across grades and schools and that will have a lasting impact on teaching, students, and colleagues.

Does The Foundation provide grants to arts and wellness curriculum or are they only available to teachers of core academic subjects?

Grants are available to all staff who teach in the Johnson School, including those teaching arts, music, wellness, and other specialized subjects.

What is the relationship of the Nahant Education Foundation and the school district?

The Foundation has built a trusted, collaborative working relationship with the district, which is essential to ensuring we meet the same goals of academic excellence. However, The Foundation is and will remain an entirely separate organization from the school district.

Who is on The Foundation’s Board of Directors and how are they elected?

The Nahant Education Foundation Board and supporting committees include town, school, and business leaders, as well as educators and parents of Nahant Public School students. The Foundation’s Board of Directors meets monthly and Committees meet as needed. The directors are elected by a majority vote of the Board at the annual meeting or as seats become vacant. The Foundation's Board of Directors are:

Liz Carlson, President

Panamai Manadee, Vice President

Mary Jo Mitchell Angersbach

Lisa Bell

Kristen Cahill

Jennifer Davis

Mai-Lis Tria